Oreo Revitalization Campaign

Oreo Brand Revitalization Campaign

For over a century, many people from all over the world have loved and enjoyed the global confectionary brand Oreo. The brand has long been marketing the product through portrayals of “father and son moments” to deliver the product’s “child-like wonder” quality. In addition, it has been communicated as the world’s No.1 sandwich cookie to consume alongside milk. The brand’s long heritage and market relevance in the United States created a unique opportunity to flourish in the South Korean market.

South Korea has been communicating the “father and son bond” and Oreo’s strong association to milk ever since its campaign launch in the country. Despite these efforts, there weren’t many consumers who were actually eating the cookie with milk, along with brand relevance steadily declining over the years. With sales decreasing, the brand needed a fresh communication strategy to drive consumer purchase decision.

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The campaign was a immense success for the Oreo brand. Sales went up 200% during campaign period.

Watch the 30' TV spot below.