Depend's Underwareness Campaign

Kimberly-Clark Depend's 'Underwareness' IMC Campaign

1 out of 3 women in South Korea has urinary incontinence (UI). However, most people with UI are in denial about the condition, preventing them from enjoying activities outside of home. Although Depend dominates the category, the market penetration level for UI underwear was only 6.8%. With the goal to increase overall market penetration level, the team and I explored to identify the problem to deliver key insights and the creative story.

People with UI are categorized into two types: Heavy UI and Light UI. The two types are significantly different: Consumers with light UI use feminine care products to prepare for their condition, whereas heavy UI consumers are reluctant going outside of their homes. However, with consumer insights research, we discovered that a particular key claim resonates with both users: “5 hours soft & dry without leakage worry”.

The creative story for the commercial was developed with the insight that although people with UI are clandestine about their condition, they are fond of receiving support from their loved ones. We created the story of a husband voluntarily wearing Depend underwear to show support for his wife who is embarrassed about her UI condition (parts of the creative were aligned with the global 'Underwareness' campaign).

Watch the TV spot below.